UnderEXPOSED Hits The Small Screen

underEXPOSED Season 1 | Episode 1 Trailer (HD) from AirDog Media on Vimeo.

Our friend Mason Mashon is in a new television series that looks amazing. The first episode is on tonight and may or may not feature our CMC editor Mike Berard (sometimes he doesn’t make the cut). If you love surf, snow or mountain biking, be sure to tune into UnderEXPOSED on APTN.

“We meet adventure sports photographer, Mason Mashon and writer, Tannis Baradziej. Both of them have plenty of experience, but Tannis is new to action adventure sports writing. In the premiere episode they meet four-time world surfing champion, Lisa Anderson during the Roxy Champ Camp in Tofino, BC.”

Author / Contributor

Mike Berard

Mike is the Cumberland, British Columbia-based editor of CMC and associate editor at KMC. Berard has worked as a writer for 20 years, and has held the editorship at both SBC Skier Magazine and The Ski Journal. His is a graduate and former instructor at Western Academy of Photography.

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