Help Save Cottonwood Lake And Win A Whitewater Ski Pass

Save the views. Save the wildlife. Save the water. And win!

Cottonwood Lake is one of the most popular regional parks near Nelson, British Columbia and for good reason. It offers great fishing, paddling, swimming, hiking and, in the winter it’s one of the few lakes close to the city that freezes over – perfect for skating and shinny hockey games. Now, the Cottonwood Lake Preservation Society is trying to save the the slopes above the lake from logging and they’ve partnered with us and Whitewater Ski Resort to bring awareness to the cause and give one lucky winner a free season’s pass to Whitewater.

These are the three things you need to do in order to win a free season’s pass to Whitewater Ski Resort:

  1. Take a photo of Cottonwood Lake that’s new, original, and current
  2. Put it on your Instagram feed and tag @savecottonwood and hashtag #savecottonwood
  3. Enter your name and email below

That’s it! You can enter as many times as you wish but remember to mention #savecottonwood in your posts. This is a HUGE prize and we look forward to picking a winner later this month.

Contest ends August 17th.

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    Good Luck!