KMC Reader Feedback

Photo: Dave Heath

With passionate readers all over the world, KMC presents some juicy feedback from those who know best: the readers. To submit a letter to the publisher, please visit our Contact page.

I split my time between Rosebery, BC on Wilson Creek  and Toronto and look forward to your magazine every time we drop into Nelson.
I just wanted to say that I think your magazine is an unbelievable tribute to both the people and the culture found in the Kootenays. Its unpretentious nature, photography and highly readable, interesting articles keep me wanting more. Well done.
It is true inspiration to me who is trying hard to shed all my work in Toronto and figure out what I can parlay all of it into while being in the Kootenay’s. Anyway – just wanted to say thanks for KMC and its great stories and such.
Shannon Barnes, Freelance Producer

Just got a case of the new issue dropped off here at the communitea cafe in Canmore, Alberta.  Just wanted to commend you on such a great publication!  It is fresh, creative and INTERESTING.  In a world of advertising “magazines” that have no substance, it is refreshing to see KMC has a good balance… and it is FREE.  Very cool concept… I wish Canmore had something like it… then again I am not sure it would be the same as all the big developers would advertise in it… (anyways before I get on that rant…)
So sending you kudos!
Marnie Dansereau
Creative Director/Owner
Communitea Cafe, #117 1001 6th avenue, Canmore, Alberta

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for sending me a copy of the design issue of Kootenay Mountain Culture.  It was outstanding.  Frankly, I am stunned that you can get this caliber of production value, writing, content and design on a smaller circulation magazine like this. It is clearly a labour of love, and must have a dedicated group of pretty passionate and talented people helping make it happen.
All that I can say is that it is worth it. I was not familiar with the magazine prior to seeing this copy. I guess that just made it better. And, as a designer, the theme of the issue, and its presentation was outstanding.
So thanks.
Bill Buxton
Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research

Editorial Strength
I was impressed with Kootenay Mountain Culture from the very first issue I saw. Even among national and international publications it would stand out as professional, innovative, visually impactive and well-written-and yet it’s a regional publication. As such, it not only perfectly taps and portrays the culture to which it alludes, but makes it relevant and understandable in a broader context of global mountain culture for potential readers, both local and visitor.
— Leslie Anthony, Editorial/Creative Director, skier magazine

Quality Content
I recently had a read through your Winter  issue and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Good articles, great pictures and an overall nice feel. Congrats. Wondering about your distribution and if it’s possible to get on a list for those of us who spend time in the Kootenays but live outside the area. I look forward to your next issue.
— Connie MacDonald, Communications Manager, Canadian Mountain Holidays

Credibility, Reach, Value
Ever since Kootenay Mountain Culture’s entry into the local media I have both a supporter and an advertiser in the publication. Since we are a grass roots company and share the same ethics as kmc, we have created a great partnership — customers come back for the next anticipated issue time and time again. As long as Kootenay Mountain Culture is printing such a fine publication, we will be right there along that trail.
— Sam Baio, Owner, Valhalla Pure Outfitters, Nelson, BC

Lasting Impression
Kootenay Mountain Culture advertises a region above and beyond just our product. Because of that, it is a quality keepsake for our clients who come and visit the Kootenays. They all fall in love with the mountain lifestyle and want to take a piece of it home with them.
— Martin Keyserlingk, Co-owner, Valhalla Powdercats