KMC 41 – The 180 Issue

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It’s not about going back the way we came. It’s about looking at something from every angle—spinning it, flipping it, turning it inside out—then leaping forward into the unknown.

As Kootenay Mountain Culture enters its third decade of publication, we shift our focus with this particular issue to help see things from another angle. We celebrate the work of government employees who are busy behind the scenes creating some of our most popular play places. We rethink where our food comes from and consider how to honour death differently. You might not agree with every viewpoint you encounter in this magazine, but understanding another perspective is a form of moving ahead, and that is a beautiful trick indeed.

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The inaugural Dark Horse Invitational Slopestyle Mountain-Bike Event in Revelstoke crowned a 12-year-old as its reigning champ. And that’s not all that makes it special. Words and photos by Lindsay Donovan.

An annual gathering near Spokane, Washington, helps attendees get primitive again. Story by Derrick Knowles. Photos by David Beckstead.

The Kootenays are home to the world’s only inland temperate rainforest, and its uniqueness attracts everyone from tree huggers to tree cutters.

An East Kootenay man will hunt for a fabled gold boulder in the deep waters of British Columbia’s Kootenay Lake — using a submarine he built himself.