KMC 40 – The Connection Issue

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With its 20th Anniversary issue, Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine celebrates two decades of distilling amazing content. Open ‘er up and let ‘er breathe.

Since our first issue rolled off the press 20 years ago, the Kootenay mountains maven’t moved much, the rivers still flow, and residents still recreate all year long. But the world has changed in so many ways. In this issue we look at our connections to the environment, culture, and to one another. And we also show a lot of amazing photos of snow connecting with skiers’ faces. We recommend you connect your hands with a copy immediately.

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Mountain Muskox is a new group-therapy program offering hope for survivors of alpine trauma.

For Alberta athlete Lorenza Sommaruga Malaguti, freediving beneath ice truly takes her breath away.

THE YEAR WAS 1990. Backcountry skiing was, at least for the average recreational skier, the stuff of dreams. If you were a young person in…

In the West Kootenay region, the sheer number of adventure-tourism tenures is causing conflict among users and instigating impassioned pleas from the public for the government to press pause on the process.

A professional climber’s quest to complete every route in the famous Haffner Cave – in one day – gave him a way back to life….