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EVERYTHING WORTH SMILING FOR — Catching a fish on the fly. Beautiful double rainbows. Diamonds on the water. Children laughing. God beams. Riding your bike fast. Riding your horse slowly. Riding your whatever, however. When the sound system pounds. Dancing deep into the night. New love. Old love. Running into friends in unexpected places. Free beer. Cold beer. Good beer. Copious amounts of free beer. Scoring goals of any kind. Watching your kid score. Perfect lake ice. Laughing hysterically. Huge, heartfelt hugs. Seeing your favourite band at the coolest venue. Deep, light, uncrowded powder. Larch needles on singletrack. Hot, sunny crags. A big stack of weathered magazines. Meditating. Hammocks. Meditating in hammocks. Rock-star parking. Sunsets. Bagging a peak. Wicked coffee. Sleeping in. Birds chirping. Your loyal dog. Flowers. Sunshine for days.
Enjoy the Happy Issue. — Mitchell Scott, Editor-in-chief

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In British Columbia’s Cariboo country, a young family’s fringe existence reverberates with the twang of banjos, love and an inferno of loss. For Juno-awarding winning performers Pharis and Jason Romero, this is life, and the strings that are attached.

Once an icy and somewhat wacky weapon intended for WWII action, Jasper, Alberta’s abandoned Habbakuk hulk is now a deep treasure for divers.

Wedged somewhere between Charles Dickens and Dr. Who, freaky fashionistas are gaining steam in Kaslo and around the world.

From Mushrooms to Huckleberries, the unmonitored harvesting of non-timber forest products for commercial purposes is a new challenge facing lawmakers.

Spurred by a spirit of inclusion for their fellow riders, three Kootenay communities dig wide and deep for bikers downed by not out.

Michelle Shewell is a drug-safety volunteer and long-time raver turned saver. Writer Jeff Pew has a chat with her about drugs, festivals and saving lives.

A former Navy SEAL reins in mustangs and the Montana wilderness, hoping to bring peace to veterans still alone at war.

Flights that always land. Fish that fly. A high-minded hub of academia, culture and nature. KMC futurist Fletcher Fitzgibbon touches down in the Kootenay’s next supercity.

Second only to oil as the world’s most-craved commodity, coffee brims with both a rich and a dark history. Lovers of mountain life, in particular, can seem to get enough. So why our enduring jones for java?

Meet Dave Sutton: Castlegar’s boutique builder of burl, re-engineer of industrial ephemera and hand-hewing heavy hitter.

We tracked down “Mr. Pink” who is illuminated in the cover photo of KMC #33. Here’s our interview with the man with the wand at Shambhala Music Festival.