Kootenay Character Ed Natyshak Covered by The Tyee

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Ed Natyshak is a big, brash, friendly 45-year-old with a relentlessly positive attitude and a huge voice. His words boom off the Kootenay mountainsides. His enthusiasm for life is like an alarm clock. Talk with Natyshak and you realize it’s time to wake up to your own life, quit complaining and get focused.

Since 2007, Natyshak has been paralyzed from the chest down, with some limited use of his hands and arms. These days, he teaches the toughest fitness classes around from his wheelchair.

This is pretty cool. The Tyee is publishing a series of “stories about folks who moved to the province to remake their lives, reinvent themselves, or simply to pursue a dream of life on the coast.” They cover Nelson boy, Ed Natyshak, also known as “B.C.’s Toughest Fitness Coach”. Head to the site to read up on this inspiring Kootenay character.

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