Getting Naked With Sweetgrass Productions

Last November at Coast Mountain Culture‘s Backyard Booty event, the boys at Sweetgrass releases a teaser for their now instant classic film, Valhalla. It involved a lot of nudity and deep powder skiing. Since our sister title Kootenay Mountain Culture sponsored the film, editor Mitchell Scott was on hand during the nudey ski scene. See if you can spot him in the segment, released today in honour of Sweetgrass’ Nelson premiere tonight.

Turn it on and tune out, friends.

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 11.33.02 AM

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Mike is the Vancouver Island-based associate editor for Mountain Culture Group. Berard has worked as a writer for 20 years, and has held the editorship at Coast Mountain Culture, SBC Skier Magazine and The Ski Journal. He is a graduate and former instructor at Western Academy of Photography.

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