Everest: High Expectations

This evocative multi-touch e-book is a fascinating and interactive foray into Mount Everest culture told by two of Canada’s most eminent mountaineers.

Pat Morrow, who became the second Canadian to climb Everest in 1982, and Sharon Wood, the first North American woman to summit the world’s highest mountain in 1986, tell the tale of their historical summits through an iPad-exclusive format that plunges the reader into starkly honest first-hand accounts. Thought-provoking photo galleries, radio clips, video footage and maps embedded within the text bring to life their nail-biting narratives of time spent in the Death Zone, the realm above 26,000 feet where every passing minute is a ticking time bomb.

With all the precision of storytelling wizards, Morrow offers a compelling play-by-play combined with the hindsight of wisdom, while Wood candidly writes about the inner doubt boiling beneath her outward appearance as a fearless and driven adventurer. Both writers are unanimous in their scathing criticism of Everest’s commercialization and reminisce about the time when Chomolungma (Tibetan for “Mother Goddess of the Wind”) was truly a “climber’s mountain.” Steeped in poetic moments and raw human emotion, Everest: High Expectations invites you to relive Canadian history in the making, with rare radio interviews, incredible video footage and interactive photo galleries that put the reader directly on the climb with the authors.

High Expectations was written by Pat Morrow and Sharon Wood, Bungalo Books

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