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We’ve been getting this question a lot lately: “How can I support your magazine?” Well, you can buy subscriptions, back issues, and swag. But those who get our magazine for free and don’t need a T-shirt seem to want another option. So, for the first time in our 19 years, we’ve decided to give our supporters the ability to donate to us.

We’ve been hesitant to do this, and we pride ourselves on providing free, independent, high-quality content on the regular, but as the world presses in on niche media, this feels like a fair thing to do. To be free and independent in today’s environment is a challenge for many artists and businesses, but with this challenge comes a resolve to keep creating and moving forward. Please know that your support helps us continue to document our culture’s vibrant and essential stories—and that’s what matters.

As always, to our beloved readers, contributors, and advertisers, we thank you, thank you, thank you.

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