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It’s hard to get deep into the outdoor ether if you’re not well equipped. And never before in the history of all things has there been gear like there is today. We use our team of experienced editors and contributors to help you sort through everything from skis to fly rods in your search for the ultimate outdoor experience.

Northern Ultralight creates packs that are, well, ultralight. Editor Vince Hempsall offers the skinny on the company’s Sundown backpack.

Wewerke Design says its Truckit Bucket will forever change the way you haul gear. Editor Vince Hempsall tests to see if the claim carries weight.

Lynx Off Grid Technology specializes in lights. Really, really bright lights. We took its Raven Double Ultralight headlamp for a spin and offer this glowing review.

Rad Power Bikes offers some of the cheapest electric bikes on the market. Do they get us buzzed? Here’s our review.

Danner trail shoes might just be the perfect footwear for the apocalypse. Editor Vince Hempsall explains why.

Osprey is making inroads into the urban environment with its Arcane Duffle bag and the Archeon series of backpacks.  Review editor Vince Hempsall takes them for a stroll downtown and around the continent.

These socks are made in America. And like their country of birth, they’re powerful as hell. Why do you want powerful socks? Because what other item of your daily clothing gets punched 10,000 times a day?

Is this the last bag you’ll ever need? Our online editor and his one-year-old try to destroy the latest offering from Eqpd Gear and learn it’s aptly named.

We sent contributor Matt Coté out for an ass-kicking, five-day adventure ride with the Chromag Trailmaster DT saddle, and were shocked when he came back rosy-cheeked.

We took a pair of Smartwool socks on our latest distribution run and wore them the entire time. 27 days. A gazillion steps. One pair of socks. This is their story.

Patagonia has returned to its roots with the simplistic, minimalist Nine Trails series of backpacks. But do they hold up? Our online editor put his back into this review.

They’re the clearest lenses out there AND they help save the ocean? We’ll see. Our online editor takes a close look at Costa’s “Untangled” sunglasses.

Who needs a puffy jacket in the Caribbean? Our online editor answers this question and more with his honest review of the Patagonia Micro Puff Hoody.

We asked our online editor to review a pair of Blundstone boots. Rather than simply walk around town, he tested them on the trails: 4 sports, 1 day, 1 pair of Blundstones. This is his review.

We asked our art director to wear the Feathered Friends Khumbu parka in a cold place. So he took it to the highest peak in Canada.

To supplement her writer’s income and keep the vampires at bay, editor Clare Menzel works on a garlic farm. So we asked her to put…

We took the Mountain Hardwear BoundarySeeker jacket and pants into the backcountry and to the resort. They’re definitely better for one over the other. Here’s why.

Finding an awesome women’s backpacking pant is not an easy task. We sent editor Clare Menzel out to review two such pants from Roscoe Outdoor….

We asked editor Clare Menzel to hit the dusty trail with one of Osprey’s women’s specific backpacks. Here are her thoughts. Osprey makes sturdy backpacks…

Art Director Chris Rowat is now a sled head. Or at least he’s using a sled these days to access some backcountry stashes and he’s…