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Small inflatable boats are changing how backcountry explorers navigate the mountain range between British Columbia and Alberta.

The Clearwater Kayak Festival returns this August 5-7 and new for this year are the downhill SUP races. Gulp.

Fasten your spray skirts and take note of the wet exits because the Clearwater Kayak Festival is wild—in or out of the water.

A paved road through Glacier Mountain Park that’s reserved for bikers and hikers? Yep. Here’s why Spring in Whitefish, Montana, is the best.

British Columbia’s Kootenay region is now home to KORE, Canada’s First Craft Outdoor Gear Alliance.

Surf Anywhere got its break on the Kananaskis River, but today the river-surfing company is creating waves around the world.

Behold bellyaking, a new river-borne adventure that begs the question: why hang ten when you can hang twenty?

Do you have what it takes to ski, bike, paddle and pant your way from Mt. Baker to Bellingham? Here’s the history of one of the most fascinating races in the PNW.

On a 1,750-kilometre, 35-day paddling epic, an old-school mountain master’s clothes – or lack thereof – still make the man.

The Toby Creek Whitewater Kayak Festival returns this month to the East Kootenays, July 27-29, with a cash prize purse of over $3,000.

Simon Coward has kitted out thousands of people with whitewater paddling gear. So we asked him to share some advice on what you need to get started.

Simon Coward of Aquabatics in Calgary has taught hundreds of people how to get started whitewater paddling. So we asked him to share some tips….

Simon Coward of Aquabatics in Calgary is one step closer to creating the equivalent of the popular mountain biking app Trailforks for kayakers and other…

Dave Gorzitza takes writer Mary McIntyre deep into the frozen world of ice canyoneering, British Columbia’s chilliest fringe sport. Knee-high snowbanks line the Marble Canyon…

Simon Coward of Aquabatics in Calgary is spearheading a project to create the equivalent of the popular mountain biking app Trailforks for paddling. Simon Coward…

Seventeen-year-old Finn Steiner has just completed a solo circumnavigation of Vancouver Island via kayak making him the youngest person to ever do so. Stephanie Brown…

March 1, 2018 update: Russell, Luke and Dave entered a short film about their adventure kayaking and skiing to Alaska from Prince Rupert, British Columbia,…