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The visionaries and the trailblazers. Those individuals whose actions and ideas take us forward–whether it be a new backcountry binding or brazen business ideas.

Take a virtual-reality trip to the glaciers of Iceland, the remote fishing villages of Indonesia and more on November 30, between 7-10pm, in Nelson, British Columbia. VR headsets will be on hand and the experience is free and open to people of all ages.

Surf Anywhere got its break on the Kananaskis River, but today the river-surfing company is creating waves around the world.

Former Hazelton, BC, mayor Alice Maitland has spoken out on all matters of small-town politics, including big-business bullying and indigenous rights — and she’s only 85.

One of BC’s leading wildfire ecologists, Robert Gray, says British Columbians can expect fire in the woods and smoke in the air for decades to come. “This is what the future looks like, and, if anything, it’s going to be worse than this,” he says.

Chelsie McCutcheon has seen poverty, addiction, and familial dysfunction. She is a shredder with spirit bridging the gap between kids and communities, on snow and soil.

Patrick Lucas is the founder of British Columbia’s Aboriginal Youth Mountain Bike Program. In this article he describes creating the unique mountain bike adventure park that’s now located just west of the town of Hope.

The founder of BC’s Aboriginal Youth Mountain Bike Program on how building mountain bike trails is redefining the First Nations experience.

Jimmie Spencer of Vernon, British Columbia, championed the high aims of Canada’s ski resort industry for over 30 years. He passed away earlier this week.

A former Navy SEAL reins in mustangs and the Montana wilderness, hoping to bring peace to veterans still alone at war.

Flights that always land. Fish that fly. A high-minded hub of academia, culture and nature. KMC futurist Fletcher Fitzgibbon touches down in the Kootenay’s next supercity.

Kicking Horse Coffee began as a tiny, two-person operation in an Invermere garage in 1996. It’s since become a multi-million-dollar global business. We chat with co-founder and CEO Elana Rosenfeld about the biz of the bean.

Second only to oil as the world’s most-craved commodity, coffee brims with both a rich and a dark history. Lovers of mountain life, in particular, can seem to get enough. So why our enduring jones for java?

Patrick Lucas is the founder of British Columbia’s Aboriginal Youth Mountain Bike Program. In this article he describes how mountain biking has impacted the Simpcw First Nation, the People of the Thompson River.

Patrick Lucas is the founder of British Columbia’s Aboriginal Youth Mountain Bike Program, which we are huge fans of. This is the first in a series by him about the importance of this ground-breaking program.

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The world of mountain culture has lost a pioneer entrepreneur. Whistler’s Chris Prior, founder of Prior Ski and Snowboard Manufacturing, passed away suddenly on Sunday,…

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A high-thinking Okanagan kid and her savvy backcountry-honed deck of cards have trumped our addiction to distraction. What started as a high-school project by a…

In the 1980s, Nelson, British Columbia, was in a depression after its lumber mill and university closed. Now, it’s a thriving cultural centre. Donna Macdonald,…

Cascadia. It’s not Canada. It’s not America. It’s … better? Given the current political climate of soon-to-be “Trump Nation,” there is a very real movement…