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They represent the circulatory system of our natural environment. And the PNW happens to have some of the most formidable and pristine rivers on the continent. We celebrate their life and investigate their struggles.

The National Park Foundation in America has announced the winners of its “Share the Experience” photo contest. And they’re sick!

Ten years before Lewis and Clark crossed the continent, Alexander Mackenzie reached the Pacific Ocean through British Columbia’s Peace River area – now being threatened by the Site C Dam. A new book excerpt tells how it was a journey ironically assisted, and foretold, by First Nations who preceded him by millennia.

On a 1,750-kilometre, 35-day paddling epic, an old-school mountain master’s clothes – or lack thereof – still make the man.

Compiled as part homage to a friend and conservation pioneer, a new book showcases the mysterious American desert canyons discovered by legendary East Kootenay photographer Pat Morrow and his fellow dirtbag disciples. Story by Jeff Pew.

Christina Lustenberger is considered one of the foremost big-mountain skiers of her generation. We chronicle the career of a down-to-earth athlete who lives for more than shredding the edge.

Sherpas Cinema, the production house behind Imagination, has released its latest film, “Children of Columbia: A Skier’s Odyssey.” Watch it here.

The Columbia River is one of the most famous waterways in the world. In their latest film, the Sherpas explore its legacy from power generator to adventure playground.

Simon Coward has kitted out thousands of people with whitewater paddling gear. So we asked him to share some advice on what you need to get started.

The winter of 2016-17 was indeed an epic. For kayakers, this spring could be equally so. Here’s a gun-’em-and-run-’em bucket list of rivers in the Rockies that could well be sweet as hell.

For the first time in its 50-year history, the Columbia River Treaty is up for renegotiation. CBC journalist Bob Keating examines the history and next steps of the contract between the Kootenays, Canada and the USA in a world more thirsty than ever for the power of water.

Simon Coward of Aquabatics in Calgary has taught hundreds of people how to get started whitewater paddling. So we asked him to share some tips….

Simon Coward of Aquabatics in Calgary is one step closer to creating the equivalent of the popular mountain biking app Trailforks for kayakers and other…

North America’s first helicopter-supported enduro mountain bike race was held on the Cartier Mountain Trail in Revelstoke this past summer. We caught up with the organizer to see how it all went down.

Dave Gorzitza takes writer Mary McIntyre deep into the frozen world of ice canyoneering, British Columbia’s chilliest fringe sport. Knee-high snowbanks line the Marble Canyon…

Simon Coward of Aquabatics in Calgary is spearheading a project to create the equivalent of the popular mountain biking app Trailforks for paddling. Simon Coward…

In August 2016 four generations of mountain biking’s finest set out to raft Canada’s famous Tatshenshini River. A film about their adventure drops next week….

This past summer, while driving around British Columbia on vacation, you likely spotted the bright orange signs set up at pull-outs on various highways that…

Fernie Brewing Company is celebrating a new tasting room as well as a kick-ass Trail to Ale Challenge. It’s been a big year for the…

After a couple of bad breaks, an upstart East Kootenay angler learns the river’s ropes and finds revival in the currents. All thanks to the…

How does a London composer become one of the most talented landscape photographers in the West Kootenays? We chat with Robert Neufeld to find out.