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The PNW is home to thousands of lakes. Some big, some small, but they all play a huge role in why this place is so special. Plus, fish are rad.

A paved road through Glacier Mountain Park that’s reserved for bikers and hikers? Yep. Here’s why Spring in Whitefish, Montana, is the best.

British Columbia’s Kootenay region is now home to KORE, Canada’s First Craft Outdoor Gear Alliance.

Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine goes road-tripping in our backyard to discover the best trails and ales. Giddy up.

Not so long ago it was home to one of the most astounding fish populations in North America. Since 2014, however, the once mighty Gerrard struggles to reach five pounds. How is that possible you ask? As our intrepid journalist discovers, the answers are not so easy to catch.

The Cottonwood Lake Preservation Society is trying to raise $180,000 by Aug 31, 2020 as a first milestone to purchase 49 hectares of mature forest above Cottonwood Lake, and save it from private land logging. This is how you can help.

Whitecap Alpine has just revealed one of the coolest backcountry saunas in the entire province. Check it out.

The National Park Foundation in America has announced the winners of its “Share the Experience” photo contest. And they’re sick!

Following an era of over-recreation and lakeside development, Dave Quinn reflects on the frozen memories of fishing burbot, and a strange future that followed.

An emergency public meeting has been called in an effort to save Nelson’s Cottonwood Slopes from logging.

Once an icy and somewhat wacky weapon intended for WWII action, Jasper, Alberta’s abandoned Habbakuk hulk is now a deep treasure for divers.

An emergency public meeting has been called in an effort to save Nelson’s Cottonwood Slopes from logging.

Paul Saso, author of Kootenay Inspired, has taken the sales from his book and donated them so a local child can attend the Tipi Camp Nature Retreat.

This past summer, while driving around British Columbia on vacation, you likely spotted the bright orange signs set up at pull-outs on various highways that…

How does a London composer become one of the most talented landscape photographers in the West Kootenays? We chat with Robert Neufeld to find out.

By Mitchell Scott From afar it looks like a log with a motor on it. Like a kid has stolen his dad’s outboard and mounted…

As long as an alligator and with the hide of a prehistoric pachyderm, she has lurked the Kootenay River system since before World War I….

When you need dry, light and durable in the river When it’s too cold to wet wade, yet too warm for the full protection of…

The baseline of the Kootenay freshwater life cycle is populated by millions of one particularly beautiful yet hardy fish: the trout. Close relative to both…

A collection of essays from Coast Mountain Culture’s writers that explores how science supports our bodies as we play in the outdoors. Your baby did…

With elusive funding and mountains of data required for hypothesis, who can afford the science needed to solve our world’s problems? Maybe you. Born from…