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Often thoughtful, always fun, this is where our editors introduce readers to their upcoming adventure.

I don’t want to eat less meat. I hate recycling. But I’m going to keep trying. Above all else, I will not be angry and resentful. I’ll go outside and ride and surf and hike so I can stay connected to what’s most important.

Inline skating is the punk rock of any action sport. While you’re deciding which pair of skinny jeans matches your faux-ironic haircut, rollerbladers are getting spit on at your local skatepark.

The one constant of the word “wicked” is that it pushes limits to the extreme and, in the end, can inspire exceptional quality.

I have perceiv’d that to be with those I like is enough, To stop in company with the rest at evening is enough, To be…

Most people know the Big Bang created our universe. Unless one believes humankind to be the work of Zeus, Buddha, a Jewish carpenter’s dad, Constantine’s…

In his editor’s introduction of the March 2015 issue of Canada’s The Walrus magazine, John MacFarlane bids readers farewell and introduces the publication’s new editor, Jonathan Kay. MacFarlane tells readers they may be surprised to learn Kay didn’t receive an arts education, as they might expect, but that his undergraduate and master’s degrees were in metallurgical engineering.