Metrics & Benefits

Key Metrics

With over 20,000 unique visitors and 70,000+ ad impressions per month, the website enjoys immediate traction, readership and placement in the Google search engine. New content is added multiple times a week and our readership includes web users in Canada, America, Europe and Australia.

Advertiser Benefits

Great Content

The MCG website features a deep archive of all the remarkable imagery, design and writing that has made KMC and CMC coveted and collected magazine for the past 20 years. We schedule the curation of quality web content every week to ensure our online readership has reason to return and make the website a regular part of their browsing activity. Bringing this editorial to the online stage allows visitors of the website to engage in discussion as well as share and post content to social media channels. We offer advertisers the opportunity to showcase their brand alongside this content experience.

Mobile Friendly

The demand for accessible content is growing by the day, on smart phones, tablets, and across a growing number of desktop displays. We’ve tailored this new website to work great across all devices, and create all content with the mobile readership in mind. Currently, 53% of users logged onto via a mobile device and so ads are displayed in a responsive fashion, scaling and flexing to ensure images are readable and crisp regardless of the user’s device.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter and Pinterest have greatly assisted in the initial success of the MCG website. We carefully post our favourite articles to these social platforms driving traffic and conversation back to the website. We also tailor our content line-up for the web, prioritizing articles and editorial that inspire engagement and discussion.

Email Newsletter

The Mountain Culture Group email newsletter is a monthly publication emailed to subscribers. Written by the editorial team, this newsletter features favourite content and provides a teaser leading the reader back to articles on the website.

Respect for our Readers

Our readers privacy and experience online is very important to us. We carefully monitor discussions and conversations to ensure conduct is moderated. We also limit our emails and social media activity with our readership to showcase only the best content published on the website.

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