Monthly archives:July 2010

Here’s the trailer to a pretty interesting looking Indie picture that was filmed entirely in Creston, BC. A film by May Charters and Mark Hug, go HERE to read reviews on the film and how and where to watch it.

KMC Editor Mitchell Scott has been working as a story consultant and script writer for the Stance Film Crew for the past 5 years (holy sh*t), working on a seminal bike movie, Life Cycles. Well, Stance Film principles, Rossland natives, Ryan Gibb and Derek Frankowski are in the final stages of editing for a scheduled…

A new movie about the legendary Selkirk Experience guide, Ruedi Beglinger. Click the photo to check out the trailer. Or go HERE..

This is a very cool project developed by Nelson BC’s very own The Vacuum Design Studio. Created in conjunction with the National Film Board and David Suzuki, the Test Tube project is a fascinating exercise in design, message and modern day web capabilities. Take a minute, and check it out HERE.

This looks like it’s going to be an amazing film. Inspired by the likes of Yvon Chouinard’s early days adventuring deep in Patagonia. Check out the trailer HERE.

A piece from Greg Osadchuk’s new work, “Nelson in HDR”. Greg is documenting Nelson one building at a time in HDR. Prints and cards available for sale. Check out his work HERE.

Beards during wintertime are great. Except when you get steak bits caught in them and your neck itches like it’s being attacked by an endless swarm of mosquitos. Hark, insta beard. And it comes with a toque as well. Ahh, the fruits of innovation are rich and tasty (without the scratch). Behold Tara Duff’s Bearded…

Creston BC’s seminal Slopestyle competition went down without a hitch this past weekend. Big talent, big airs and big crowds. Check out the video for highlights. Congrats to all of those who put on the Goat Style, and have put the Kootenay’s on the freeride mountain bike competition hit list.

It’s looking good. And big. And sunny. Should be an amazing weekend of mountain bike action at Creston’s Goat Style slopestyle bike jam. Here’s a quick look at the new course.

Based in sunny Creston, BC, the Kootenays very own slopestyle competition goes this weekend, attracting some of the best riders in the world, with beauty jumps and lots of Kokanee Beer (it’s also home to the Columbia Brewery eh), make sure to head to the fruitful valley and check out some insane mountain bike action….

Chris Rowat, KMC’s Art Director, is a very talented man. If not quirky and perhaps ecclectic, like any creative professional, he has a way of articulating himself that’s, well, different from most. Here’s an example of his alternative ways of expression — a hijacked school assignment from grade school. Don’t ask us how we got…