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While Silverstar is known for its downhill trails in its bike park, the goal with Beowulf is to cater to a wider variety of mountain-bike styles.

This feat is the second alpine highline in Canada and the highest in the country at 2700m. The pair decided to call the line “Where the Clouds Can Go” in memory of Conrad Kain, who first climbed the Bugaboo Spire a century ago.

At this year’s climbing academy we’ve responded to people’s requests for different things so we have the Offwidth Clinic for one and a Big Wall Climbing clinic and an Overnight Bivy Clinic.

Michael Christie’s coming-of-age juggernaut, If I Fall, If I Die, pulls readers into the suffocating headspace of an agoraphobic mother and her son.

The famous Spearhead Traverse has been confirmed as the site of a hut system that would rival those found in Europe. Construction of the first hut will start in a year.

If your summer mantra has become “gimme shelter,” then we might have a solution for you. Writer Matt Coté takes the new Mountain Hardwear Ghost UL 2 tent for a spin and proves a man’s tent can, indeed, be his castle. At 1.16 kilograms, Mountain Hardwear’s Ghost UL 2 Tent weighs only marginally more than…

From trees to scree, glaciers to creatures, the University of Alberta’s new Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) is taking mountain learning to the masses.

People honestly think that when we mess up here, there’s a fallback planet somewhere. We’ll terraform that bitch, too. Matt Damon will show us how.

After four years of construction, the Lazy Lizard Trail at Island Lake Lodge in Fernie, British Columbia, opens today.

With corn spitting high up into your nether regions, and a beer or two in your belly, you make turns down a strip of isothermal mush whilst avoiding the menacingly sharp shale.

Catching up to the kids these days, I recently switched my trail bike over to a one-by-11 drivetrain. It’s a sweet time to do the conversion, both SRAM and Shimano have kits that fit onto a 10-speed hub at about a third the price it used to cost to swap just a couple of years ago. And I was…

Thirteen-year-old Canadian surfing phenom Mathea Olin slayed it at the Rip Curl Pro Surf Comp in Tofino this past week.

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